Top Email Marketing Services

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Top Email Marketing Services

Email marketing is a one of the marketing strategy which directly sends an advertisement, commercial or fund-raising messages to audience like existing & potential customer. It is one way to enhance relationship between merchant/seller to encourage existing & potential customers for continued business patronage and make them feel valued.

It is nearly 2017 and have you ever wonder if email marketing is still a priority and a useful marketing strategy? Answer is yes it’s still reliable not just now, not by next year but on the years to come, asking why? Imagine signing up on a Social Media Platform without an email? All of this Social Media market ask for a valid email for anyone to sign up. That means every person with a Social Media Account have valid email address and they will be using it for the rest of their life.

Emphasizing this, one must have to choose the best email marketing services that can help in the success of reaching your audience and make a successful marketing campaign.

Why it is important to choose the best email marketing service?

Many entrepreneurs says that it is one of the cost-effective marketing tool with much of a packages like designing and creating professional-looking emails, setting up an autoresponders that is already automated, campaign statistics, mobile friendly emails, landing page builders and a cloud-based software that you can access anytime, anywhere while you are on the go.

To help you here are the best email marketing service providers for small, medium and large scale businesses that can grow and reach your target audiences.

1. Aweber

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This is one of the well-known email marketing service provider. They have a lot of features that bloggers, business and entrepreneurs can easily create and handle.

To start with:

Email Templates: With over 700 ready to use, customizable, mobile-responsive email templates that will make your email messages look great on any devices

Drag-and-Drop Email Builder: Using this feature it is so easy to put anything on your email, may it be headlines, buttons, images and texts

Generated Signup Forms: Don’t worry if you don’t know HTML because they have hundreds of sign up form templates to choose from, you can customize the text and form fields, and ready to be added to your website or blog, and start getting subscribers in no time

Support: They are open 7 days a week via email, chat and phone to help you grow your business

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To know more how Aweber can help you download the ‘How To Guide – Growing your business with Email Marketing‘ here.

2. GetResponse

As one of the top email service provider that have a complete set of tools it is so easy for anyone to run an email marketing campaign.

Here are the features:

Email Templates: A 500+ customizable predesigned templates that can be set in a matter of minutes, plus 1,000 free iStock images available to choose from (free to use)

Drag-and-Drop Email Builder: This feature can make your email messages personal & dynamic, edit part by part using drag and drop builder

Autoresponder Calendar: A calendar feature that will set your autoresponder emails schedule, and can be managed in a drag-and-drop organizer

Support: They have an open line for both phone, live chat and email

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Does this article help you choose a exact email marketing service provider that is best for your need? or are we missing something out? Hit the like, share and tweet and comment out below.

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