Photography – How to do Color Focus on your Photo

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Doing a Color Focus Technique on your Photo is a great way to show how great it is and it will be more attractive to look at.

Just like Professional Photographer, they are not just putting their art without editing the taken photo, they take time to enhance and develop the beauty that can be seen on each images. They want to make it perfect. That is why these images on the web are not free and they sell it for more bucks.

Back to our topic, this is emphasizing that if you learn this technique you can use your own photo on blogging or to any website use or even make money from it giving a full rights to the buyer.

So here is how you will start learning this technique.

1. Choose a photo you want to use and determine which tool you want to use. On this tutorial will be using Adobe Photoshop as the photo editor tool.

2. Open the image on your Photo Editor, duplicate the image and hide the original image then have your duplicate photo on Black & White doing this on the Photoshop by going to Filters -> Black & White, do some adjustments to the Panel for your own feel of how you like it to be.


3. Now Go back to your original photo, this is the photo that you open up earlier without the Black & White filter. You need to adjust & enhance the color of this photo and choose which have the best part/section to do the Color Focus. On this tutorial a Flower that blooms is the best part to have the color focus.


4. Once you done this and you are satisfied on how the color enhancement have resulted bring this layer/photo below the black & white photo. Then start erasing on the section you have chosen to where the Color Focus is. Keep on erasing until the color focus is showing. By the way use ‘Soft Round Brush Eraser‘, this will give you better result.




5. This is how the end result would be.


Now you learn one of the many techniques to do Photo Editing and it is doing Photo Color Focus, this could not be master at one try only. Keep practicing and in no time you can do this just in matter of some minutes.

Try to check this as well for additional reference The Art of Photo Editing – Color Focus.

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