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We welcome you to our new site & blog it takes a while to finished our site LightWeb Creative Studio, and the reason is been prioritizing clients work than to our own site. There is a saying:

The most important adage and the only adage is, the customer comes first, whatever the business, the customer comes first. 

In any cases we wanted to finish the site there’s been client work filing up. Well it is good right?

But as of now we really wanted to make the site goes live and share what we have been doing, allocating a week to do this and here it is finally!

Let’s talk about this blog

This blog is all about showcasing web design & development, graphic design and digital marketing ideas, tips, tutorials and concepts. It also shares FREE resources and productivity tools to help you work really quick in your projects. Not only that we will also update you with the news around the internet, new technologies and all about the web that needs to be known.

From time to time some of our projects will be posted here as well and share what are the things we do for a client, that will give you an idea and special information in handling client’s project.

With all these we wanted to leave you a FREE eBook right away.

We wanted to look back at the “Top 10 Web Design Trends of 2015” that still mostly use and trends, that most web designer & creative’s offering for their clients.

eBook by UXPin in details:


A Lightweight Guide to Practical Methods

  •  Fast, practical, and packed with 40 tips
  • A practical reference guide for busy designers
  • A practical reference guide for busy designers

Download and share with your friends you might find this very helpful. Get it here for free.

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