Experts and Entrepreneurs Recommend the Best Platform to Build Your Website

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Experts Best Platform to Build Your Website

Most of the time getting started to have online business may it be a product, service or in other areas gives you the high energy and eager to get started.

When you feel that vibe and actually get going you will start to get confused ask these questions:

How do I start?

How can I make my own website?

What is the best platform to build your website that is available for me to use?

And more questions comes up in your mind…

Maybe you know already that you need Hosting & Domain Provider before you can proceed making your own website.

On other post we have put up the top 5 website hosting service provider this will help you land the best available hosting & domain provider that you are looking for.

Now going back, these experts have spoken and giving the highly recommeded platform to build your website.

The drag and drop website builder is getting a high remarks from most of the experts, tune in here and see what is the leading site builder that you can use right now to get started.

Natalie Sisson

Natalie Sisson – Chief Adventurer of The Suitcase Entrepreneur

Well it’s WordPress all the way for flexibility and functionality, and cool themes and add ons. Or Squarespace if you aren’t tech savvy and want to get up and running, including hosting and easy to use drag and drop software

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John Lincoln

John Lincoln – CEO Ignite Visibility

First, determine the purpose of your website. Is it an eCommerce site, a lead generation site, a news site, an FAQ site or a branding site? Once you know this, can start to drill down into the options. When it comes to a platform, your options are either custom or a CMS or content management system. My top picks for eCommerce are Shopify, Magento, Big Commerce, Ecwid(a great widget for selling anywhere online), Volusion and custom builds on or PHP. There is also a CMS called Miva Merchant which many people like. Each of these have pros and cons. When it comes to lead generation websites, you see most built on WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Ruby on Rails or a custom CMS. Occasionally, an Expression Engine makes it through the mix.

When picking a CMS or custom build, think of the size of the project and purpose. None of our enterprise clients are on a CMS. They all have custom builds. Yes, they will have the blog on WordPress still, but eventually they migrate the site to something custom. If you are a smaller site, check out WordPress, Magento, Big Commerce, Volusion and Drupal. If you want to sell anywhere, Ecwid is pretty awesome.

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Erlend Bakke

Erlend Bakke – Entrepreneur, Author & Speaker

I recommend using WordPress because it´s easy to manage and update.

If you are doing online courses and training programs I highly recommend Kajabi. We recently updated to New Kajabi and it works great!

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Jamie Masters

Jaime Masters – The Eventual Millionaire

WordPress – and wpbeginner

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Matthew Turner

Matthew Turner – Founder of Turndog and Author of ‘The Successful Mistake’

The platform I use to build all my websites is “DIVI” by Elegant Themes. It is, quite frank, one of the best investments I’ve made for both mine and my client’s businesses. It’s modular and drag-and-drop, and makes the whole process a breeze. Best of all, they are a company that continues to make BIG improvements month-on-month, so my site gets faster and robust. If you’re building a Wordpres site, look no further |

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Jason Falls

Jason Falls – Speaker, Author and Digital Marketing Thought Leader

For the vast majority of businesses, WordPress remains a trusty choice. It’s far more than a blog software these days. Add on some more complex themes and plugins that the open source ecosystem has empowered over the years and you can run complex e-commerce websites, paid membership sites, learning management systems, social networks and more on the back of the core platform. Granted, there are better solutions for complex systems that integrate e-commerce, CRM, business systems and the like. But less than 10% of the businesses out there typically need complexity in their website. For the money (technically free) and the power (rather limitless if you can invest a meagre amount in some of the finer add-ons and themes) you can’t get a better platform than trusty old WP in my book.

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Grant Baldwin

Grant Baldwin – Speaker, Podcaster, Author & Entrepreneur

We would recommend WordPress or SquareSpace.

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We see what these experts says and it is up to the scope of the website that will rely on the platform. It’s either you are building an eCommerce, complex, basic or lead generation websites it should always go with what is the purpose of the site.

Also take into the consideration on what is your business about and determine what best for it. Then your budget, can you maintain a website with a monthly plan for the website builder? or are you good with going with hosting plan and building your own website from it.

The best thing here is that just get started whatever platform you will use because in the long run you will learn massively and continue to grow into advancement.

If you are still having trouble to decide in choosing the best platform to build your website we are here to help, you can contact us directly and we love to help you. Checkout our Website Services.

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