Best Ways to Expose your Design Work & Be Noticed

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Many Website & Graphic Designers are having some challenges in getting consistent clients or employers that they can do projects with. Most of them gets project only twice in a month and worst case scenario only once. They have been thinking what seems to be the problem. They have been doing great and quality work but still no luck on getting more project as they expect it to be. How did we know? We experience it!

From this experience we can say that the only hindrance is “getting less exposure“, even though you get previous client but they never get back because they only need it once. Now what can you do to continue getting clients? The answer would be in the question itself, “go get more exposure”.

Below are simple but proactive ways to get your creative and work designs noticed to a larger market:

1. Use your website

If you already have a website this one of the great way to showcase your designs and not just that you are also showing your services to visitors. It is all in one place not only your design is being seen, your work itself as well; this gives you the opportunity to show off on how you put every details on your work specially if you have made your own website, prospects/visitors will see that you are not just designing but you also implement it on site.

Now if you don’t have that skills to build your own website, I suggest start learning website development now and there are online courses to take up to achieve this skill. But if you are only focusing in designing and don’t have time to create your own website get help from website development agency that will do it for you. And if you are tight on budget and wanted a free website there are couple of website builder out there to use.

Keep in mind and make sure that when you post your design on your website keep it simple and clean, so prospect or visitor will not have a hard time to find out where your design is located and showing the details for each. To start with make your site organize that have simple categories with clear navigation menu on every page.

Also don’t forget to integrate email optin or subscription form so you can utilize email marketing strategy to get as many subscribers as you can and start sending emails to them about your new designs. See our Email Marketing Strategy Post to learn more.

2. Connect with Design Community on Social Media


Post your designs on every Social Media Platform Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and make sure you would not spam that your account is looking like a sales page instead engage with other designers and people who interact with your posts. Do reply on people comments or like other designers work and re-share them, so you will start getting more followers or likes.

One technique as well that will help you a lot is doing a hash tag or post them with hash tag that is inline with what are you posting, with this you are putting yourself as one of those kick-ass designers.

3. Get along with Design Blogs

Follow other Creative Design Blogs that you like the most, you can have 3 or more than that, now you are asking why? This is one way to engage with other designers or authors. You can ask them to guest post on your blog or even ask them if you can use some of their post to be shared on your social media pages.

In a long run, while building relationship with them, try to ask them if you can do Guest Post on their blog or share you work on their Social Media or even Feature your work on their blog post. Connection with other designers are great way to be notice and get exposure.

Take note: “If you do good to others, you will also get something good in return.” 

4. Use Online portfolio Sites


One of the effective way to get notice is create an account on Online portfolio sites and post your design work. There are a lot of sites out there that you could join some are:

  •  Dribble – is a community of designers; graphic, web, illustration and etc. you can like and comment on one another’s work
  • Behance – is under Adobe Family and this have an app that brings together talent and work opportunities
  • Deviantart – is a social community for artists, designers and other art enthusiasts, allowing people to connect through the creation and sharing of design and artwork
  • Carbonmade – is an online portfolio that help your work be seen by 950,000 members

It is free to join the community so you will not worry to pay on something, but be sure to submit your real personal information.

5. Offer Freebies


If you are creating some cool icons or new designs, why not consider give it for free? Offering freebies is something people really love to have. They may come back to your site or to you personally if they want something customize on the freebies that you have given for their commercial use, this means a direct client for you. Be more kind and you will be expecting clients getting to you.

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